Maize Consulting

Founded in 2018, Maize Consulting provides human resources services and consulting to a number of clients in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, technology, start-up, financial, nonprofit and many other industries. With more than 10 years of experience, Meagan understands the importance of collaborating and partnering with small to large businesses to ensure effective development and implementation of HR strategy. While Meagan’s experience spans the full spectrum of HR, she possesses deep experience and skills in change management, performance management, organizational development and training, human resource strategy development, compliance, auditing, training, diversity & inclusion and talent acquisition. Her mission is to help organizations implement best practices in employee engagement and retention.
HR is a dynamic system that involves culture, leadership, business capabilities and talent engagement. A company’s most valuable resources is its people.  Successful companies can only be sustained by successful people.  I approach HR through the lens of organizational development and systems thinking.  I believe in coaching others to harness their strengths, understand theme dynamics and affect relationships, performance, and business outcomes.